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all about ice cream


  • 1993: The opening of a second ice cream shop created the necessity to have enough basic mix on hand to distribute between the two locations, in order to be less dependent on personnel.
  • 1994: Maestro Gelato® developed a tasteful, high quality basic liquid mix in close cooperation with a number of ice cream makers.


After a thorough R&D, the final production process was defined.
Key elements of the process are that the product is UHT packed (long shelf life and aseptic), and that there is no flavour deformation or caramelisation of the sugars. This result can only be achieved with the latest technology and up-to-date equipment, where mixes are heated and immediately cooled down in 3 to 5 seconds only.


Soon thereafter, a lot of ice cream makers in Holland and Belgium saw the advantages the Maestro Gelato® mix could offer them. Today, hundreds of shops work with the neutral basic mix of Maestro Gelato®.



Since then Maestro Gelato® became the standard in liquid ice cream mix and like many other products, the original still remains `the original`.

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