• 1999: To maintain a simplicity of concept and even better control of production of fresh ice cream, in bigger companies, we developed the patented Ice-King© machine (integrated turbine and cabinet).
  • The application of the neutral mixes in the test phase of the Ice-King© machine, showed the necessity for further development of the basic mix into ready-to-use flavoured mixes. We maintain the same taste and high quality in all the flavours, in every branch store .
  • 2002: A neutral sorbet (water base) mix was added to the product line. This mix enables the processing of local fruits in an easy way. It is most useful for areas where the water quality is questionable, since there is no need to add expensive bottled water to create a fruit sorbet.
  • 2004: The foundation was laid to create an attractive offer of (soft) franchise concept to bigger investors. A prototype shop was established in Madrid, Spain .
  • 2008: Franchising. For the moment, 22 shops in Belgium and Holland are working with the name, logo and the products of Maestro Gelato® within a contract form of “soft franchising”.
  • 2009: Brasseries / restaurants can start easily the production of fresh scoop ice cream with the renting formula of a small professional ice turbine.
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