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all about ice cream

1. Neutral basic mix (5% - 7% - 10% milk fat)


  • Traditional recipe
  • Fast, contemporary, aseptic
  • Lower investment costs for ice cream shops
  • Less employees, less energy costs……

The homogeneously mixing of ingredients of the liquid Maestro Gelato® mix results in an ice cream that forms no extra ice crystals, not even after several days in the freezer. The ice cream remains creamy and smooth. “Spatola” like our Italian colleagues say.

Only natural ingredients are used, unless otherwise indicated or required.


The milk fat content of the neutral ice cream mix is a personal choice or can be related to local customs. To meet all requirements of the professional user, we have developed a neutral basic ice cream in three varieties: 5%, 7% and 10 % milk fat. Some prefer a higher fat percentage for for instance vanilla and stracciatella and a lower fat percentage for the ice varieties with fruit flavours.

2. Yogal mix to add yoghurt / fruit or alcohol

this mix is specially prepared too low in sugars to enable to add alcohol.

If the sugar content is too low following your preferences when you add yoghurt or fruit, you can add some neutral sorbet (art 6001) to keep the ice cream smoothy in the cabinet.


- Yoghurt: per litre of Yogal mix add up to 300 gr of fresh ( greek style) yoghurt + the normal 35 to 50 gr of yoghurt powder / kg mix

- Fruit addings: you can add up to 300 gr of fresh fruit + the normal flavoured paste 30 to 50 gr / kg yogal base mix.

Alcohol: Per litre of Yogal mix you can add 70 to 100 gr of alcohol + the normal flavour paste to intensify the flavour
F.i. : GRAND-MARNIER ICE-CREAM = 3 lit yogal mix + 150 gr of blood orange paste + 150 gr orange juice + 210 gr of Grand Marnier liqour.

3. Neutral sorbet base concentrated (water base)

A neutral sorbet base mix, allows you to make all kinds of ice (sorbet) preparations on water base.

This concentrated neutral sorbet ice cream mix was developed in order to preserve both the ice cream and sorbet in the same cabinet at the same temperature. The prescribed amount of water that should be added, may vary + or – 10 %. This neutral sorbet ice mix will solve quite a lot of your problems. Different sugars are used during the production, resulting in a sorbet ice that will be as smooth as your ice cream.


Possibilities for sorbet ice mixtures: (Add per 1 litre neutral sorbet mix)

  • 1.,250 kg of fresh or frozen fruit
  • 0.9 litre of water + flavoured paste (follow manufacturer’s instructions) or
  • 0.9 litre of water + 300 gr. of fruit + flavoured paste (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
  • in general: water and fruit and flavoured paste, make approx. 50% of the total weight of the mixture, the neutral sorbet also approx. 50%. Add flavoured paste to enhance the taste to your preferences.


Use your flavours as you are used to with your own preparation of basic mix or according to the prescriptions of the manufacturers. Simply stir with a spoon (preferably not an electronic mixer) in order to preserve the smoothness.

Put the Maestro mix directly into the turbine. Add your own flavours (1*) Let the turbine run for approx. 6 minutes (2*) Take the ice cream out (3*). Garnish and decorate your ice (4*).

1* 2*
3* 4*

 4* serve fresh made ice cream in only a few minutes!!

Article no. Product Contents Packing per pallet
4030 Yogal mix 8% Tetra 12 x 1 lit / 1,15 kg 70 x 13,8 kg
4501 Maestro Gelato® neutral 5% B.i.B. 10 lit / 11 kg 84 x 11 kg

Maestro Gelato® neutral base
7 %

B.i.B. 10 lit / 11 kg 84 x 11 kg
4520 Maestro Gelato® neutral base 10% B.i.B. 10 lit / 11 kg 84 x 11 kg
6001 Neutral sorbet mix Tetra 12 x 1 lit / 1,2 kg 60 x 14,4 kg


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