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all about ice cream


  • To produce fresh ice cream in front of the customer
  • With lower investment charges for ice shops
  • In a smaller sales area (less rental costs)
  • With less storage of ingredients, lower staff expenses

With the use of UHT mix, you can, in most of the countries, “produce fresh ice cream in front of the customer” without the need of a separate kitchen or lab,    ( no need to cook anymore, sterile mixtures ).

Lower investment costs for ice shops: if you work with a sterile liquid mix, you need less machinery investment ( - 50%) (no cooker – pasteurizer, no storage tank...) resulting in a decrease of your energy bills (± - 60%). You will need less space in the kitchen.

You will be able to rent a smaller sales area and concequently pay a lower rent in (sometimes) expensive shopping centres.

Less storage of ingredients, lower staff expenses make a smooth transfer to liquid mix even easier.


  • Franchising: perfect to set up a concept:
    - Lower investment cost = 1 machine, ready to use mix, smaller sales area.
    - Controllable training with rotating personnel, easy control.
  • Bakeries: a fresh bakery feels more and more the competition from the supermarket. They can re-introduce fresh ice cream and stress the craftsmanship of their products using the synergy to recover their turnover. Or they can create a second foundation under their company.
  • Ice-cream shop: a unique concept that because of its manageability of working people, may lead to more outlets.
  • Retail: as a shop in shop.


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