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all about ice cream

The excellent reputation of Maestro Gelato® in scoop ice cream mix has led to an increased demand for soft ice cream. Therefore a separate line of mixes was set up unther the brand name “Asturia’s”.

These first class, liquid soft ice cream mixes were developed to satisfy, to be savoured, and to offer the highest quality. A selection of the finest ingredients is homogeneously processed in a modern facility. To prevent the caramelisation of the sugars as well as to maximise freshness of flavor, the mix undergoes a process of rapid heating and cooling down lasting only a few seconds.

With the ready-to-use mixes, time needed for preparation is saved while errors in the assembly process are eliminated.
The UHT packing, ideal for optimal hygiene in your core business: selling ice cream.

Enthusiasts of the southern European ice cream culture can identify with the wonderfully creamy „Asturia’s Soft Spécial” that, with only 6% milk fat, is surprisingly pleasant. Individuals not concerned with calories and more accustomed to northern European preferences, can enjoy the full flavour of „Asturia’s Top Cream“, which, with approx. 10% milk fat, is the epitome of genuine milk ice cream.

Fans of delicious milkshakes will undoubtedly enjoy „Asturia’s Milkhshake“, with only 3,5% milk fat.

Article nr. Product / milk fat Contents per pallet
3030 Asturia’s milkshake 3,5% B.i.B. 10 lit / 11 kg 84 x 10 lit
3103 Asturia’s soft spécial 6% B.i.B. 10 lit / 11 kg 84 x 10 lit
3113 Asturia’s Top cream 10 % B.i.B. 10 lit / 11 kg 84 x 10 lit
3301 Asturia\'s soft chocolate 5% B.i.B 2 x 5 lit / 11 kg 84 x 10 lit
3321 Asturia\'s soft strawberry 5% B.i.B 2 x 5 lit / 11 kg 84 x 10 lit
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