• To produce fresh scoop ice-cream in front of the customer with,
  • lower investment costs in a
  • smaller sales surface with
  • less storage and lower cost of personnel.

produce fresh ice cream in front of the customer: While using a sterile mixture, you can in most of the countries produce fresh ice cream without the need of a separate kitchen or lab (no heating process anymore) ! Look for local regulations.

Lower (- 50% ) machine investment costs : !!! Machine salesman will always propose to do the coocking process yourselve for reason of being "cheaper" . Be aware their bussiness is selling the most possible machines.
The quality of the ice cream from the homogenised Maestro Gelato® mix can not be copied in a pasteuriser. If you work with a sterile liquid mix, you need less machinery (no cooker – pasteurizer, no storage tank...) resulting in a decrease of your energy bills (± - 60%). You will need less space, less personal.


You will be able to rent a smaller sales area and consequently pay a lower rent in (sometimes) expensive shopping centres.

Less storage of ingredients, lower staff expenses make a smooth transfer to liquid mix even easier.


  • Franchising: perfect to set up a concept:
    - investment cost = 1 machine, ready to use mix, smaller sales area
    - controllable training with rotating personnel, easy control.
  • Bakeries: a fresh bakery feels more and more the competition from the supermarket. They can re-introduce fresh ice cream and stress the craftsmanship of their products using the synergy to recover their turnover. Also they can create a second foundation under their company.
  • Ice cream shop:  a unique concept that because of its manageability may lead to more outlets.
  • As a shop in shop.
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