Very easy to operate:

Everybody can learn to operate the machine with only a small introduction exercise. Simplicity & efficiency:

Only 3 buttons:

  • Start making ice
  • Remove ice cream
  • Cleaning


Start making ice procedure:

Pour maximum 3.5 lit. liquid mix in the funnel and push the start button 1. Approx. 6-8 min. later a tune will alert you that approx. 5 lit. (volume) of ice cream is ready for further treatment.

Remove ice cream:

  • Push button 2 and open the machine outlet and the ice cream glides into the container.
  • Decorate with fresh fruit, chocolates, etc.
  • And put the container in the cabinet.


If you want to clean right away: pour 4 lit. of hot water into the funnel, push button 3 (cleaning). The machine will make 2 turns of 20 seconds on high speed. Than pull the water emerges straight into the drain system.

At the end of a production day clean with a disinfectant for food residue and rinse with clear water at the end.

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