The ready-to-use mix simplifies preparation of fresh ice cream into group concepts.
The variety of best selling flavours comes in handy 1 lit. Tetra packs and is developed to prepare a fresh scoop of ice cream anytime anywhere in an easy way.


  • Continuously the same high quality standard.
    Can be prepared easily and quickly even in small quantities.
    Easy to store in the shop (ambient temperature), uncomplicated stock control: no longer lots of ingredients to follow up on.
    Instructions for use are easy, so professional training can be very short.
    To work according to the concept of the whole concern (multi outlets).
    To exercise a better control and prevent potential fraud.
  • To be used in franchise holdings, shop owners with multi outlets, restaurants or food-groups.
  • To offer high quality ice cream in stores were fresh ice cream is a second product, and in that way create an added value for bakeries, restaurants, etc.
  • At this moment we have 12 flavours available that complies with a very high standard. For instance: strawberry sorbet contains 570 grams of fruit per liter liquid mix (full fruit version).


  • Franchising: see franchise concept.
  • Ice cream shop: to fill in the needs of some flavours, or during the beginning / the end of a season.
  • Retail: as a shop in shop.
  • Shopping areas: as “stand alone” unit + waffle unit and space for storage.
  • Restaurants: to offer fresh scoop ice cream as an added value on your menu.
    Can be prepared rapidly in a small ice-turbine (sorbetière).
  • Bakeries: fresh ice cream in a separate department, and/or to emphasize the fresh character of the store.
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